Automatic Voltage Stabilizer


Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

bluebird is the leading manufacturer of high quality voltage stabilizer. Our aim is to incorporate the latest technology and to provide stable and high quality products.


  • Microprocessor Controlled/IC controlled electronic circuit ensuring positing switching of relay content making it more durable
  • Installed with unique designed vacuum impregnated transformer ensures less heating, high efficiency & low power consumption.
  • Elegantly designed Powder coated metallic chassis.
  • Quality components with high reliability promises maximum safety.
  • Rigorously tested as per IS specifications.


  • Input working range
    170-270 Volts
    150-280 Volts
    140-280 Volts
    130-280 Volts
    100-270 Volts
    80-270 Volts

Optional Features:

  • Low & High Voltage trip with Time Delay also available

Stabilizer (LCD/LED TV)

Stabilizer for Refrigerators

Stabilizer for Air Conditioner

Main Line Stabilizer